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Maximizing Channel Quality Through Packet Distribution – Amazon Coding Challenge Walkthrough – 通过数据包分配最大化通道质量 – 亚马逊编程挑战解析-亚马逊OA- Amazon OA


Amazon has recently been issuing a large number of offers. Let's take a look at some real questions from recent Online Assessments (OAs). If you're preparing for an Amazon OA, you definitely don't want to miss this article.

Amazon's AWS provides fast and efficient server solutions. The developers want to stress-test the quality of the servers' channels. They must ensure the following:

  • Each of the packets must be sent via a single channel.
  • Each of the channels must transfer at least one packet.

The quality of the transfer for a channel is defined by the median of the sizes of all the data packets sent through that channel.

Note: The median of an array is the middle element if the array is sorted in non-decreasing order. If the number of elements in the array is even, the median is the average of the two middle elements.

Find the maximum possible sum of the qualities of all channels. If the answer is a floating-point value, round it to the next higher integer.

The next part consists of multiple-choice questions for about 15 minutes. Don't stress about this section; just answer honestly according to your true thoughts, there's no need to try to guess the correct answers.


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