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  • 课程导读/大厂从业体验
  • 获得面试机会/内推资源
  • 如何通过面试/FAANG面试真题
  • 评估offer/Salary Negotiation
  • 简历润色/项目建设/面试辅导/代码代写
  • 在线算法/OA代做/OA作弊
  • VO辅助/面试代面/SD代面
  • Salary Negotiation/薪资谈判/offer
  • python/java/C#/aws
  • Algorithm/leetcode/hackrank
  • AI/大数据/人工智能/爬虫/设计模式

1. VO助攻 VO Assistance
远程面试作弊 通过语音转达,音频转接等技术,助力您拿梦想OFFER, 帮你收获国内外大厂名企offer。

We offer remote interview cheating services through voice transmission and audio routing technologies, helping you secure your dream job offers and acquire positions at renowned companies both domestically and internationally.

2. 代写代码 Code Writing Services

We provide assistance for school assignments, code writing, graduation projects, intern projects, and company projects during probation periods. Feel free to reach out if you need help.

3. OA代做 OA Assistance

We guarantee correct answers, with a refund policy for any unsatisfactory results. Our team includes LC 2600 score holders and ACM gold medalists. We also have methods to bypass monitoring during open-camera and recording interviews, maintaining a 100% pass rate for algorithmic questions.

4. 补习辅导 Tutoring and Coaching.
包括上课 找工作帮助 面试辅导 任何语言,任何计算机相关的课程如果跟不上,可以找我们来进行学习,为您一对一安排课程入行。

We offer tutoring and coaching services covering class content, job search assistance, and interview preparation. No matter the language or computer science related course you are struggling with, we can provide one-on-one learning sessions to help you get started in the field.

5.论文代写 Thesis and Paper Writing

研究方向: GenA,图像和视频处理,3D场景重建,硬件优化加速,以及模式识别 衍生方向:医学图像处理,经济预测 (房价,股市预测),卫星云图模式识别,机械故障检测及相关内容(通过震动的波形来分析)
参投会议: ICCV,ECCV,CVPR,ICASSP,WACV,ICLR,AISTATS,IEEE Transactions onCircuits and Systems for Video Technology,及相应的各类SCl, workshop
以往经历:WACV3篇ICASSP 4篇,IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems forVideo Technology一篇

Project Content: Thesis writing or article polishing (English) Research Fields: GenA, image and video processing, 3D scene reconstruction, hardware optimization acceleration, and pattern recognition Derived Fields: Medical image processing, economic prediction (real estate, stock market), satellite cloud image pattern recognition, mechanical failure detection and related content (analyzing through vibration waveforms)

Conference Submissions: ICCV, ECCV, CVPR, ICASSP, WACV, ICLR, AISTATS, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, and various SCl, workshops Past Experiences: 3 papers at WACV, 4 papers at ICASSP, 1 paper at IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology
Note: No charge for submissions that are not accepted. A friend of mine hosts several workshops, meaning he has a say in paper acceptance, so by writing for him, I help increase the number of submissions while also aiding students in publishing their work.

代写各类程序语言:C语言代写, C++代写, 算法作业代写, 数据结构代写, AI/MachineLearning代写, python代写, java代写, matlab代写, 汇编代写, scala代写, SQL/Database代写, racket代写, 安卓/Android代写, IOS/swift代写, racket代写, 网络代写, web代写, OS/操作系统代写, R代写等, 涵盖北美🇺🇸CS代写,加拿大🇨🇦CS代写,澳洲🇦🇺CS代写, 新西兰🇳🇿CS代写, 英国🇬🇧CS代写, 新加坡🇸🇬代写, 香港🇭🇰CS代写等.

我是一位来自波士顿大学的博士,同时也是上海交通大学的优秀毕业生,目前旅居在日本。 毕业后,我深感编程和人工智能的强大潜力,这也引领我走上了研究之路。 在校期间,我专攻计算机科学,并在各种课程项目和比赛中获得了优异的成绩。我对学术研究充满了热情,这也是我选择继续深造的原因。 在研究期间,我也有幸在某大厂任职。在那里,我不仅有机会将所学知识应用到实际工作中,而且还能与行业内的顶级工程师们一起解决实际问题。

目前,我将所有的精力都投入到了CSOAHELP项目中:为留学生和职场新人提供个性化的帮助服务。这个项目源自我的个人经历和对学术研究的深刻理解。 自我和我的合伙人共同创建了CSOAHELP以来,我们的初衷始终是以客户的需求为中心,提供专业且个性化的帮助。 至今,我们已经为上千名学生提供了服务,让他们在学术道路上更加顺利地前行。 我们的服务已经收到了广泛的好评。我们有很多客户在我们的帮助下,成功完成了他们的论文,并且拿到了学校的优秀论文奖项。这些论文涵盖了各种主题,如计算机科学、数据挖掘、人工智能等,展现了我们的专业能力和广泛的知识结构。 除此之外,我们也非常高兴看到有些客户在我们的辅导下,顺利地通过了大公司的面试,得到了他们梦寐以求的工作offer。其中包括一些全球知名的科技巨头,如谷歌、微软、亚马逊等。我们很自豪能够为他们的职业道路添砖加瓦。 我们的目标是帮助更多的客户实现他们的学术和职业梦想。无论你是需要完成一份难题作业,还是需要准备一场重要的面试,我们都会以最专业的知识和最贴心的服务为你提供帮助。让我们一起创造更多的成功故事。

I am a Ph.D. candidate from Boston University and an outstanding graduate from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, currently residing in Japan. After graduation, I was deeply impressed by the immense potential of programming and artificial intelligence, which led me to the research field. During my time at university, I majored in computer science and excelled in various course projects and competitions. My passion for academic research was a significant reason for pursuing further studies. During my research period, I was fortunate to work at a major company, where I had the opportunity to apply my knowledge to real-world problems and collaborate with top engineers in the industry. Presently, I am fully dedicated to the CSOAHELP project: providing personalized assistance services to international students and newcomers to the workforce. This project is inspired by my personal experiences and profound understanding of academic research. Since the inception of CSOAHELP with my partners, our philosophy has always been customer-centric, offering professional and personalized assistance. To date, we have served thousands of students, helping them navigate their academic journeys more smoothly. Our services have received extensive positive feedback. Many of our clients, with our assistance, have successfully completed their theses, receiving outstanding thesis awards from their institutions. These theses cover various topics such as computer science, data mining, artificial intelligence, showcasing our expertise and extensive knowledge. In addition, we are delighted to see some of our clients successfully pass interviews at major companies and secure their dream job offers, including positions at globally renowned tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. We are proud to contribute to their career paths. Our goal is to help more clients achieve their academic and career dreams. Whether you need to tackle a challenging assignment or prepare for an important interview, we are here to provide the most professional knowledge and the most thoughtful service. Let's create more success stories together.

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