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snowflake OA – snowflake Minimum Segments – snowflake OA Unequal Elements

A test needs to be prepared on the HackerRankplatform with questions from different sets of skillsto assess candidates. Given an array, skis, of si2en, where skills(ijdenotes the skill type of the jhguestion, select skills for the questions on the testThe skills should be grouped together as much aspossible, The goal is to find the maximum length oa subsequence of skils such that there are no morthan kuneaual adiacent elements in thesubsequence.Formally, find a subsequence ofski/ls, call it x, of length m such that there are atmost k indices where x¡]!= x{i+ fjfor all O s i<m.

Note: A subsequence of an array is obtained bydeleting several elements of the array (possiblyzero or all) without changing the order of theremaining elements. For example, [1, 3, 4], [3]aresubsequences of[1,2,3, 4] whereas [1, 5], [4, 3] are not.

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