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Avoiding the monsters
in this game a player beins on a two-dimensional grid of size nxm.One el of the grid is marked as the end and the player wants to reach this cel in the grid by moving up,down, eft orrehtHowever, some cels are occupied by monsters.The goal ofthe player is to reach the end cel using a path that maximizes the minimum distance rom any monster along that path

The distance between any two points on the grid with coordinates (X1, y) and (X, 2) is calculated as x -X2 + y -2), where a is the absolute value of integer .

1.One can visit a cell with a monster if necessary, i.e. no other path exists.
2.A cell can be visited only once on a given path.


Consider the following grid of size 4x4 where empty cells are free, S' indicates the start, indicates the end and 'X' indicates a monster:

The optimal path is sthown in the 'Cell' colum. Note. the cel coordinates ar even ast, cd where ris the index of the row and cis the index of the rolumn.Thus the monstersin the abovexample are located at (0, 3) and (1,2). Coordinates of any of the nearest monster is in 'Monster..

Return 2, the closest distance to any monster along the path

Function Description

Complete the function findBestPath in the editor below.
findBestPath has the following parameters:
int n: the number of rows in the grid
int m: the number of columns in the grid
int startRow: the row index of the starting position
int startColumn: the column index of the starting position
int endRow: the row index of the ending position
int endColumn: the column index of the ending position
int monsterRowlil: the row index of the ith monster
int monsterColumnfil: the column index of the ith monster

int: the largest possible minimum distance from a monster in any path from the starting point to the ending point

0sstartRow endRow <n
0<startColumn endColumn <m
number of monsters ≤n *m -2
0s monsterColumnlil < m
There is exactly one start cel
There is exactly one end cell
There is at least one monster
Every cell is exactly one of the following: empty, start, end, or has a monster


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