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Amazon NG OA 真题 2024 – Amazon Software Development Engineer Full-time Opportunity (Online Assessment – Part 1 of 2) – 代面试 – 面试辅助


Code Question 1

The developers at Amazon want to perform a reliability drill on some servers. There are n servers, where the ith server can serve request[i] number of requests and has an initial health of health[i] units.

Each second, the developers send the maximum possible number of requests that can be served by all the available servers. With each request, the developers can also send a virus to one of the servers that can decrease the health of a particular server by k units. The developers can choose the server where the virus should be sent. A server goes down when its health is less than or equal to 0.

After all the servers are down, the developers must send one more request to conclude the failure of the application.

Find the minimum total number of requests that the developers must use to bring all the servers down.


Consider n=2request = [3, 4]health = [4, 6]k = 3.

The minimum number of requests required is 21.

No. of ServersTotal RequestsVirusServerRequestsNew Health

Question 2

Amazon has multiple delivery centers for the distribution of its goods. In one such center, parcels are arranged in a sequence where the ith parcel has a weight of weight[i].

A shipment is constituted of a contiguous segment of parcels in this arrangement. That is, for 3 parcels arranged with weights [3, 6, 3], a shipment can be formed of parcels with weights [3][6][3][3, 6][6, 3], and [3, 6, 3] but not with weights [3, 3]. These shipments are to be loaded for delivery and must be balanced.

A shipment is said to be balanced if the weight of the last parcel of the shipment is not the maximum weight among all the weights in that shipment. For example, shipment with weights [3, 9, 4, 7] is balanced since the last weight is 7 while the maximum shipment weight is 9. However, the shipment [4, 7, 2, 7] is not balanced.

Given the weights of n parcels placed in a sequence, find the maximum number of shipments that can be formed such that each parcel belongs to exactly one shipment, each shipment consists of only a contiguous segment of parcels, and each shipment is balanced. If there are no balanced shipments, return 0.


weight = [1, 2, 3, 2, 6, 3]

There are n = 6 parcels to ship. The parcels can be divided into two shipments: [1, 2, 3, 2] and [6, 3], each of which is balanced. It can also be shown that this is the maximum number of shipments that can be formed. Thus, the answer is 2.

Function Description

Complete the function findMaximumBalancedShipments in the editor below.

findMaximumBalancedShipments has the following parameter:

  • int weight[n]: the weights of the parcels


  • int: the maximum possible number of balanced shipments that can be formed

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