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Akuna Capital OA – 一亩三分地 QUANT – 北美面试辅助 – 北美面试代面 – 北美面试作弊 – interview proxy

Akuna Capital成立于2011年,总部设立在芝加哥,目前在:悉尼、芝加哥、波士顿、伦敦、上海、香港都有公司,全球员工数量大概不到500人。(今年疯狂裁员了一波,全球裁员大概20%,悉尼大概50%)

Akuna Capital的口碑很差,目前工作环境推荐评分为:3.0/5。


“如果你觉得Optiver culture不好的好,那是你没经历过Akuna…”

才投的akuna的quant research intern,今天就收到了OA


题目特别简单,leetcode easy或medium的难度,让我们一起来看看原题吧

Question 1

Given an array arr of n integers, and two integers l and r, find the number of pairs (i, j) where 1≤𝑖<𝑗≤𝑛1≤i<jn such that the value arr[i] + arr[j] lies between l and r, both inclusive. Array indices start at 1.


Suppose n = 4, arr = [2, 3, 4, 5], l = 5 and r = 7.

There are 4 pairs with a sum between 5 and 7:

  • arr[1] + arr[2] = 2 + 3 = 5
  • arr[1] + arr[3] = 2 + 4 = 6
  • arr[1] + arr[4] = 2 + 5 = 7
  • arr[2] + arr[3] = 3 + 4 = 7

Return: 4.

Function Description:

Complete the function getNumPairs in the editor below.

The function getNumPairs has the following parameters:

  • arr[int]: an array of integers
  • l: the minimum acceptable sum
  • r: the maximum acceptable sum

Question 2

A financial services company is uploading documents to a compliance system for analysis. They use a chunking mechanism as below:

  • Each document is divided into equal sized packets.
  • Documents are then divided and uploaded in "chunks" of packets. A chunk is defined as a contiguous collection of 2𝑛2n packets, where 𝑛n is any integer ≥0≥0.
  • After the document is divided into chunks, randomly selected chunks are uploaded until the entire document is completely uploaded.

There is one document that is partially uploaded, described in uploadedChunks. Determine the minimum number of chunks that are yet to be uploaded.


totalPackets = 5
n = 2 (number of chunks already uploaded)
uploadedChunks = [[1, 2]]

  • The document has 5 packets and 1 chunk of 21=221=2 packets and 1 chunk of 20=120=1 packet is uploaded.

Function Description:

Complete the function getMinimumChunksRemaining in the editor below.

Test Results:

Compiled successfully. All available test cases passed.


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