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[TikTok] AMS Intern Assessment 2024 Start – 22 – 26 April (Generic)-tiktok oa 一亩三分地-tiktok面经-tiktok暑假实习-tiktok intern-Account Operations-Reducing Overhead-Glide Typing-Maximum Shorts-Candy Store

Q1. Account Operations

A software development team is working on a banking application that uses a multilayered architecture. The team decided to apply the Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) principles to ensure modularity, reusability, and maintainability. This is a partial implementation of the Account and SavingsAccount classes in Java.

Q2. Reducing Overhead

A DevOps team at a global financial analytics firm is managing a critical application that spans two Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs), VPC-A in North America and VPC-B in Europe. Each VPC hosts powerful server nodes ("Server-A1", "A2" in VPC-A; "Server-B1", "B2" in VPC-B) dedicated to processing complex financial models and real-time market data. Recently, the team has observed performance bottlenecks due to the high volume of data that needs to be constantly synchronized between the server nodes across these VPCs. This synchronization is crucial for ensuring consistent and accurate financial analysis. However, the current setup results in latency issues, leading to delays in market data processing and financial reporting. The team is tasked with optimizing this infrastructure to reduce latency and improve data synchronization efficiency without compromising data integrity or the timeliness of financial insights.

What is the most effective strategy for the DevOps team to optimize data synchronization and reduce latency in this multi-regional financial analytics infrastructure?

Q3. Glide Typing

In this task, a basic prototype service for detecting the word typed by a user by swiping their finger from key to key on the keyboard, more popularly known as glide typing, is to be implemented. A user usually intends to type a subsequence of the characters they swiped over.

Given an input string, s, and an array of n strings, dictionary, find the lexicographically smallest word in the dictionary that is a subsequence of the given string s. If there is no such string, return the string "-1" as the answer.

Note: A string x is considered lexicographically smaller than another string y if the string x will occur before y in dictionary order.

Example: Suppose s = "hgferyjkllkop", and dictionary = ["coffee", “coding", “happy", “hello", "hop"]. The only possible valid words that are a subsequence of the given string are "hello" and "hop". Since "hello" is lexicographically smaller, report "hello" as the answer.

Function Description: Complete the function getValidWord in the editor below.

getValidWord takes the following arguments:

  • string s: the string given by the user
  • string dictionary[n]: the list of valid words

Q4. Maximum Shorts

In the TikTok video content, a student, who's always eager to create engaging videos, faced a unique task that piqued both their curiosity....

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Q5. Candy Store

A candy store that sells different candies. The price of the nth candy is price[n] coins. Customers have got a bag of m special coupons. The nth coupon can be

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