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snowflake OA – 雪花 OA – snowflake 面试真题

snowflake OA 以超高难度闻名于北美CS圈。但是在我们的代做老师的操作下,完全不是问题。轻松AC三道题。我们可以使用任意客户指定的语言,话说对于我们这种专业选手来说,语言和技术栈完全不是问题的。

1.String Patterns

Given the length of a word (wordLen) and themaximum number of consecutive vowels that itcan contain(maxVowe/s), determine how manyunique words can be generated. Words willconsist of English alphabetic letters a through zonly. Vowels are v: fa, e, i o, u; consonants are c.the remaining 21 letters.In the explanations, vand crepresent vowels and consonants.

2.Task Master

Eric is the most methodical employee at theAcme company. His manager assigned him anumber of tasks for the quarter, and gave him aist of notes regarding the order they must beperformed.Each note states that some task mustbe completed before some related task. lf hegoes to perform some task and sees that a ruleexists requiring that this task be performedbefore an already completed task, then he cannotperform the task. Help Eric determine themaximum number of tasks he can complete.
For example, Eric has n=/tasks to complete. Hismanager gives him m=6 notes on the order tasksmust be performed. Here is a graph of the
dependencies.The dependent array, a =[1, 2, 3, 4,6,51. His principal tasks array, b =[7, 6, 4,1,2, 11.Here is a graph of the dependencies.

3.String Transformation

The NLP enthusiasts of Hackerland are working ona string transformation algorithm. In a singleoperation,a string scan be transformed intoanother string by removing a suffix of the stringand adding the removed suffix in front of theremaining string. For example, the string "abcdcan be transformed to "cdab" by removing thesuffix "cd" and adding it to the front of theremaining string "ab".

Given two strings src and target of lowercaseEnglish characters and an integer k, find thenumberofwavs to transform the string src to thestring targetusing the given algorithm inexactly ksteps. Since the answer can be large,
report it modulo 10^9 + 7.

Note: Two wavs are considered different if thesequence ofindices chosen for breaking the suffixis different at 1 or more steps for the two ways.

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