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cambly VO – FAANG 面试真题-面试代面-面试作弊-zoom面试作弊

以下是cambly 的面试这次我们使用手撕代码 作弊。

类似在使用HackerRank 双屏,一个屏幕是hackrank的题目如下。另一个屏幕中写满了我们的tips

You are working on a video game where the player has to go through a level without falling into any obstacles

The player starts at position zero and can move in three ways:

L(left)=>one position to the left
R(right)=>one position to the right
J(jump)=> move two positions, in the direction of the previous move

The player starts at position 0 and the exit will always be at position 18.
The instructions never lead the player outside the level boundaries, and the first move is always right.
Write a function that given the instructions and the positions of the obstacles, returns True if theinstructions lead to the exit position, and False otherwise.


对于那些BQ和简历还有问题的候选人,接下来我们还需要考虑 Zoom 面试作弊 的方法,如果您的表达能力有问题,可以可以在zoom面试中让我们的代面老师前来面试与面试官直接沟通。

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