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Amazon 面试真题合集 – Collection of Amazon Interview Questions




Amazon is planning to give prizes to a number of farms that are producing ingredients for wholefoods, based on how environmentally friendly they are. The environmental friendliness is determined by how low the value of chemical X is in the soil, i.e. the less X in the soil, the better the farming techniques for the environment. Value X in the soil for the farms is presented in a 1D array. Because the farming techniques are very different between these farms, no two neighboring farms can have the same value of X in the soil. Because of geological reasons, we can't really compare the farms that are too far from each other. Find any farm that should be awarded the prize.

问题描述: Amazon计划根据农场的环境友好程度给予多个农场奖励,该环境友好程度通过土壤中化学物质X的含量来决定,含量越低越好。各个农场土壤中的X值以一维数组形式给出。由于不同农场的耕作技术差异很大,相邻农场的X值不会相同。由于地质原因,相隔较远的农场无法进行比较。请找出任何一个应该获得奖励的农场。



You are given a (potentially large) List of words. Some of these are compounds, where all parts are also in the List.
Example List:[rockstar, rock, star, rocks, tar, star, rockstars, super, highway, high, way, superhighway]
The task is to identify all combinations where one word is a composite of two or more words from the same list and them.
[[rock, star], [super, highway], [super, high, way],…]



Implement find linux command as an API. The API will support finding files that:

  • 1. Files that have a given size requirement.
  • 2. Files with a certain naming pattern.

问题描述: 实现一个类似Linux命令的API。这个API将支持查找文件,这些文件满足:

  1. 有特定大小要求的文件。
  2. 有特定命名模式的文件。



Amazon has web server logs from multiple hosts consisting of a Session ID and Web Page ID.
Example: session_id, web_page_id
0001, product_1
0001, cart
0002, product_2
0003, home_page
0005, help
0001, checkout
0002, cart
0001, help
0001, product_1
0002, checkout
0005, checkout
0002, help

We want to find the 3-page pattern that is visited most (in the example, sequence appeared twice)

问题描述: Amazon拥有由会话ID和网页ID组成的来自多个主机的web服务器日志。例如:session_id, web_page

The above is an overview of some Amazon interview questions. These questions demonstrate the algorithmic and programming challenges that may be encountered during the interview. For job seekers preparing for interviews, understanding these real questions and practicing problem-solving skills is very helpful.

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