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2024微软面试攻略-2024 Microsoft Interview Guide


(Problem Statement): "There are 2 single linked lists, one is ascending sorted, the other is descending sorted, write code to merge them together, resulting in an ascending sorted list. For example: L1: 1->2->3 L2: 6->5->4 Result: 1->2->3->4->5->6 Requirements: Time complexity: O(M + N), where M is the length of L1, and N is the length of L2 Space complexity: O(1) Please write code to solve the problem, and define the data structure that needs to be used to solve the problem."

题目评价 (Problem Assessment): This problem is a classic example of linked list manipulation and requires a good understanding of pointers and in-place operations. It is a test of algorithmic efficiency and code optimization with strict time and space complexity requirements.

面试官想考察哪些内容 (Interviewer's Intent):

  1. Understanding of basic data structures, particularly linked lists.
  2. Ability to write efficient and clean code with optimal time and space complexity.
  3. Proficiency in pointer manipulation and in-place merging algorithms.
  4. Capability to handle edge cases and error checking.
  5. Clear communication of thought process and problem-solving approach.

如何通过这种面试 (How to Ace This Interview):

  1. Review Linked List Operations: Be well-versed with single linked list operations such as insertion, deletion, traversal, and reversal.
  2. Practice In-Place Algorithms: Since space complexity is O(1), practice writing in-place algorithms that do not use extra space.
  3. Complexity Analysis: Be prepared to discuss the time and space complexity of your approach.
  4. Communicate Clearly: Explain your thought process as you write the code. If you make a mistake, clearly state how you would correct it.
  5. Edge Cases: Consider and handle edge cases such as empty lists or lists with only one element during your implementation.
  6. Mock Interviews: Engage in mock interviews to practice verbalizing your coding solutions and thought process.

微软近期的招聘情况 (Microsoft's Recent Hiring Trends): Microsoft tends to look for candidates who are not only technically competent but also fit well with the company's culture. They value:

  1. Collaboration: The ability to work well in a team.
  2. Growth Mindset: A willingness to learn and take on challenges.
  3. Diversity and Inclusion: Respect for diversity and fostering an inclusive environment.
  4. Passion for Technology: Genuine interest in technology and innovation.

Be aware that Microsoft's interview process often includes behavioral rounds as well as technical ones. You should be prepared to discuss past experiences that demonstrate your problem-solving skills, ability to work in teams, and adaptability to change.

As of the latest information available, Microsoft continues to hire for various roles, focusing on cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and gaming. They often look for candidates with a strong foundation in computer science principles, coding skills, and an understanding of modern software engineering practices.

Remember, the key to success in interviews is not just technical knowledge but also the ability to communicate effectively and demonstrate that you are a well-rounded candidate who can contribute positively to the company's culture and goals.


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