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Amazon 的OA 又出新活了,让我们来看看真题吧

What to Expect
This assessment will take about 2 hours, We want you to do your best, so take the assessment on your computer (not phonel!) ina quiet, distraction-free environment.
We encourage you to complete all sections of the assessment in one session, Once the 90-minute Coding Challenge timer starts,it doesn't stop - even if you exit. lf you need to take a break, the best time to do it is after the Coding Challenge and in-betweensections. You don't need to exit the assessment to take a quick break between sections, if you do exit out of the assessment.your work will be saved. When you return, you will start from where you left off, Remember, you must complete all 4 sectionsbelow before we can consider you for a Software Development Engineer (SDE) role.

  1. Coding challenge: this timed section takes 90 minutes; work through 2 coding problems2. Work Simulation: typically takes 15 minutes; work through software development decisions faced by SDEs at Amazon3. Software Engineering Work Style Survey: typically takes 5 minutes; answer questions about how you approach softwareengineering work
  2. Amazon Work Style Survey: typically takes 5 minutes; answer questiond about how you approach work in general
    Once you've completed the assessment, you'l see a confirmation screen verifying that all your responses have been received.
    Then, you'll complete a 1 minute Feedback Survey.

1. Code Question 1

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud computing platform with multiple servers. One of the servers is assigned to service customer requests. The server are n customer requests placed sequentially in a queue, where the i^th request has a maximum waiting time denoted by wait[i]. That is, if the i^th request is not served within wait[i] seconds, then the request expires and it is removed from the queue. The server processes the request following the First In First Out (FIFO) principle. The 1^st request is processed first, and the n^th request is served last. At each second, the first request in the queue is processed. At the next second, the processed request and any expired requests are removed from the queue.

Given the maximum waiting time of each request denoted by the array wait, find the number of requests present in the queue at every second until it is empty.


  • If a request is served at some time instant t, it will be counted for that instant and is removed at the next instant.
  • The first request is processed at time 0. A request expires without being processed when time = wait[i]. It must be processed while time < wait[i]. See the example below for wait[3].
  • The initial queue represents all requests at time = 0 in the order they must be processed.

2. Code Question 2

Amazon has multiple delivery centers and delivery warehouses all over the world! The world is represented by a number line from -10^9 to 10^9. There are n delivery centers, the i^th one at location center[i]. A location x is called a suitable location for a warehouse if it is possible to bring all the products to that point by traveling a distance of no more than d. At any one time, products can be brought from one delivery center and placed at point x. Given the positions of n delivery centers, calculate the number of suitable locations in the world. That is, calculate the number of points x on the number line (-10^9 ≤ x ≤ 10^9) where the travel distance required to bring all the products to that point is less than or equal to d.

Note: The distance between point x and center[i] is |x - center[i]|, their absolute difference.

Example Given n = 3, center = [2, 1, 0], d = 8.

The various locations along with the distance traveled to bring all treasures at that point are-

  • Locate the warehouse at x = -3: First bring products from center[0] = -2 covering a distance of | -3 - (-2) | = 1 to reach the center and | -3 - (-2) | = 1 to return. Similarly we bring products from centers 1 and 2 to point -3 for total distance of 1 + 1 + 4 + 4 + 3 + 3 = 16 which is > d. This is not a suitable location.
  • Locate the warehouse at x = 0, total distance traveled is 2 * |0 - (-2)| + 2 * |0 - 1| + 2 * |0 - 0| = 6 ≤ d. This is a suitable location.
  • Locate the warehouse at x = -1, total distance traveled is 2 * | -1 - (-2) | + 2 * | -1 - 1 | + 2 * | -1 - 0 | = 8 ≤ d. This is a suitable location.
  • Locate the warehouse at x = 1, total distance traveled is 2 * |1 - (-2)| + 2 * |1 - 1| + 2 * |1 - 0| = 8 ≤ d. This is a suitable location.

The only suitable locations are {0, 1, -1}. Return 3.

在追求科技行业巨头如Amazon和FAANG公司的就业机会时,深入了解各类面试经验(面经)对求职者来说至关重要。从Amazon的四小时面经、Amazon applied intern、Amazon applied scientist intern、Amazon business intelligence engineer,到Amazon Go team社招的面经,以及Amazon group assessment和Amazon intern的分享,每一篇面经都是求职者宝贵的资源。此外,Amazon ml scientist、Amazon new grad 2024的面经,以及Amazon OA 75min的详细解析,特别是在www.1point3acres.com上的讨论,都为求职者提供了不可多得的准备材料。

亚马逊的OA阶段,尤其是被小土刀等知名求职资源站点所分析的Amazon OA面经,Amazon OA2的经验分享,以及Amazon quality assurance engineer ii和Amazon sr business intelligence engineer的面经,对于理解亚马逊的面试流程和准备方式有着重要意义。对于在北京地区的Amazon社招,以及在一亩三分地上广泛讨论的Amazon 2024年的面经,都是求职者在准备过程中不容忽视的部分。

在获得FAANG offer后,如何最大化利用这一优势,无论是在谈判FAANG offer,还是利用FAANG offer作为其他面试和onsite的筹码,甚至是在面对unicorn或FAANG工作机会的选择时,都需要求职者拥有明智的判断和策略。



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