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1. Unique Minimum Substring: "Given a list of strings such as ['abc', 'bde', 'cbd'], find the shortest unique substring from each string. A unique substring is one that does not appear in any other string in the list. Use the length of the substrings to determine the minimum. If multiple unique substrings of the same length exist, any of them can be considered the minimum."

2. Unique Minimum Subsequence: "The task involves finding the shortest unique subsequence within a string or a list of strings. Unlike substrings, subsequences are not required to occupy consecutive positions within the original strings. Determine the minimum unique subsequence that distinguishes each string from the others in the list. If the instructions are not clear or the concept seems unfamiliar, consider reviewing definitions and examples of subsequences in string analysis."

3. Write a tool that keeps track of the average of the most recent N points added to the tool.

Users add data with an add_point method and fetch the average when needed with get_average.


  • Window size (i.e. N) is fixed after instantiation
  • Window size < 10^4
  • Points may be positive, negative, or zero value floats
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