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salesforce Technical interview会根据你的简历 deep dive,问一些之前做过的project和internship。

一定要对简历上面的问题非常熟悉,应对面试官的follow up!

另外,还会被问到技术性问题,比如当前组遇到的问题场景,该如何解决? Hiring manager会问日常比较常见的BQ问题。例如:why we hire you ?what is your biggest success ?why salesforce?之类的。其实大家按照亚麻的BQ准备好好编故事,按照STAR原则回答就没问题。

1. Laser Grid A player stands on a cell within a grid. The player canmove to one of four adjacent cells, but the motion is constrained by lasers. To move from one positionto anotherinvolves a cost; the cost to move from row ito row it 1 is-costRowslij and the cost to move from column j to column j1 is costCols[jl Find the minimum cost to move from astarting point to an ending point within the grid. Example rows = 4 cols =4 initR = 1 initC= 0 finalR = 2 finalC = 3 costRows =[1,2, 3] costCols =4,5,6] The player starts at position (row, col) = (1, 0)(marked with an )and must reachposition (2 3)(marked with an O).To move from row 1 from row 2, the cost is costRows/1]= 2.To move from column 0 to column 3, the player must move tocolumn 1, then 2,then 3at a cost of costCols/0]+ costCols/1+costCols/2]= 4 +5 +6 =15. The total cost is 2 + 15 = 17 Function Description Complete the function minCostin the editor below. minCost has the following parameters:int rows: the number of rows in the gridint cols: the number of columns in the grid int initR the player's starting row int initC: the player's starting columnint finalR: the goal's row int finalC: the goal's column int costRows/nl: each costRows/il denotes the cost to movebetween rows iand i士1. int costCols/m1: each costColslil denotes the cost to movebetween columnsjand j1. Returns:int: the minimum cost to move from the starting position tothe goal Constraints 1<rows, cols≤ 1045 O<initR,finalR<rows O<initC, finalC < cols0< costRows/il <10^4(0<i<rows-1)0<costColslil<10^4(0<j<cols-1)

Salesforce数据类岗位面试真题 (1)线上编码问题 1. What is the computational complexity of finding the most frequent word in a document?2. lmagine you were hired by a hospital to analyze some of their patient reports. The diagnosisof each report consists of a list of disease lDs, while the body of the report is the symptomsand the medical history of the patient logged down by the doctor in natural language.Propose a model to describe the correlations between the set of symptoms and set ofdiseases extracted from the patient reports 3. Ifyou have 10 TBs ofunstructured customer data, and you need to find some clever ways toextract valuable information of it, What do vou do? Explain to me in the most technical levethat you think. 4. How to build a classifier to predict the outcome of NFL games in real time?5. Find the growth rate of active users for December 2020 to January 2021 for each account. Thegrowth rate is defined as the number of users in January 2021 divided by the number of usersin December 2020. Write an SOL query to output only the account id and growth rate. (2)现场统计学/机器学习相关问题 6.Explain decision trees, multi-variate regression and PCA 7.Explain the Assumptions and violations of K-means clustering 8.Describe Logistic regression parameters, SVM. 9.Describe Decision Trees.Random Forests 10.Explain SVM to a non-technical person. 11. What is the difference between trees and random forest? 12. Explain the different type of probability distributions like ggplot. (3)其他问题 13.Explain about a project on your resume in layman term. 14. Describe your experience with qualitative and quantitative met原题Find the growth rate ofactive users for December 2020 to January 2021 for each accountThe growth rate is defined as the number ofusers in January 2021 divided by the number ofusers in December 2020. Write an SOL query to output only the account id and growth rate



在此示例中,有3个帐户 (A1、A2和A3),每个帐户可能有多个用户。

要回答这个编程问题,我们需要处理此表中的数据,最终目标是计算每个客户的增长率。我们需要执行3个主要步骤:1、将每个月的数据都创建一个新表,其中包含在给定月份活跃的每个帐户的用户数;2、使用INNER JOIN功能合并所有月份的表:3、对于每个帐户,将一月的用户数除以十二月的数增长率)。


在此示例中,有3个帐户 (A1、A2和A3),每个帐户可能有多个用户。 要回答这个编程问题,我们需要处理此表中的数据,最终目标是计算每个客户的增长率。

我们需要执行3个主要步骤:1、将每个月的数据都创建一个新表,其中包含在给定月份活跃的每个帐户的用户数;2、使用INNER JOIN功能合并所有月份的表:3、对于每个帐户,将一月的用户数除以十二月的数增长率)。

在这个问题上,我们需要关注两个月份的数据:2020年12月和2021年1月。我们先看2020年12月的用户数据: 我们需要返回出每个帐户在本月活跃的用户数量。

因此,我们可以编码 SELECT account id,count(DISTINCT user_id) AS deccountFROM sfeventsGROUPBYaccountid 这将跑出两列数据:“account id”和该帐户中活跃的用户数,我们可以命名为“dec_count”于GROUPBY语句,每一行将包含一个不同的“account id”。

此外,在COUNT 语句中使用DISTINCT 语句也很重要,因为我们只需要活跃用户的数量,而不是他们活跃的次数。 然而,上面的查询将返回所有月份的用户总数,而我们只需要2020年12月的数据。因此,我们需要使用 WHERE语句来添加一个约束: WHERE EXTRACT(MONTH FROM date)=12AND EXTRACT(YEARFROM date)=2020 通过上面的操作,我们已经按日期过滤出了用户参与度,并跑出与2020年12月相关的值。为了以后能够重用此查询,我们可以将其视为子查询并将其命名为“dec 2020”。



Apply,几天后拿到OA,OA总共两道题 (附原题),一道题ASCII码转换,第二道题叫“Do they belong”三角形的题,总共四个小时时间,

第二道题会难一些,大家可以自己判断。 11月初: OA后果了半个月,收到Next Steps,约VO,VO总共两轮,Back toBack。先一轮Technical,之后一轮BQ.签了NDA,Tehnical考了两道题,难度都不难,

其中一道是lc 829: Given an integer n,return the number of waysyou can write n as the sum of consecutive positive integers。BQ轮 45分钟先聊了聊简历,面试官介绍了组里在做什么,然后面试官会根据简历聊一聊面试者的爱好,没有什么特别的问题,更像是一个互相了解的过程,看candidate的爱好/性格是不是和公司/组所match。

VO后,recruiter call,然后收到offer,效率很高。 后续:Salesforce开始人员调整,后面的面的同学都开始拖结果。目前拿到23Intern offer的同学offer并没withdraw,理论上应该可以顺利入职。

(口述记录面经分享) 1Many simple encoding methods have been devised over the years.Acommon method is the ASCll character set used to display characterson the screen. Each character is given a numeric value which can beinterpreted by the computer. To decode the string, first reverse the string of digits, thensuccessively pick valid values from the string and convert them totheir ASCll equivalents. Some of the values will have two digits, andothers three. Use the ranges of valid values when decoding the stringof digits. For reference, the characters in s correspond to the following ASCllvalues:The value range for A through Z is 65 through 90The value range for a through z is 97through 122The value of the space character is 32. Given a string, decode it following the steps mentioned above. 2.A triangle formed by the three points a(x1, y1), b(x2, y2) and c(x3, y3)is a non-degenerate triangle if the following rules are respected(/ab/isthe length of the line between points a and b):ab+bc>acbc+ac>abab+ac>bc A point belongs to a triangle if it lies somewhere on or inside thetriangle Given two points p=(xp,yp)and q =(xq,yq), return the correctscenario number:0:lf the triangle abc does not form a valid non-degenerate triangle1: lf point p belongs to the triangle but point a does not.2: lf point g belongs to the triangle but point p does not.

[背景介绍] 学校: UIUC offer: 2023 Salesforce SDE InternTotal Pay: Around $9,369 /mo(不同office差异较大)公司介绍:Software CompanyCRM 200亿美金Revenue 遇到的挑战 同学本身是科班出身,高GPA,性格相对内向,但是日常就比较喜欢写代码,Resume上有两段帮Start up公司外包的项目经历,选择我们的主要原因是自己除了刷题外,可以提升提升面试能力,这样可以提高面试到offer转化率。 解决困难 同学本身的“硬实力”很强,属于很少数享受刷题的人。所以我们的服务很简单:一个是每周Mentor模拟VO场景的Mock interview.在整个服务周期内和5家不同行业,不同Level的Mentor 进行Mock。同时另一件事情是除了Campus recruiting的渠道外,每周帮助同学apply足够多的opening,帮助同学节省时间。

整个2022-2023 Summer Intern Recruiting Season的体感是: Apply早,准备早真的很有优势,因为11月之后大量的公司开始内部调整(没有危言耸听,11月开始调整的公司极多),而早完成VO的同学就有Offer,晚完成VO的同学要吗是直接拒,要吗是进入了无限被拖延的情况。

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