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[TikTok] AMS GradAssessment 2024 Start – 20Nov to 24 Nov(Generic)

1.Inventory Management

In a Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (F&O) environment, a company has difficulties managing its inventory efficiently. They frequently experience stock outages or overstock situations, resulting in increased carrying costs and missed sales opportunities. The management suspects there might be issues with their inventory management practices within the F&O system.

Which of the following options is the most likely cause?

Pick ONE option

  1. The company lacks proper demand forecasting techniques, leading to inaccurate predictions of inventory needs.
  2. The Dynamics 365 F&O system is not configured to automate reorder points and replenishment triggers based on historical sales data.
  3. Warehouse staff is not adequately trained to use the inventory management features in Dynamics 365 F&O, causing manual errors in stock tracking.
  4. The company is using outdated inventory valuation methods in the F&O system, leading to inaccurate financial reporting and inventory planning.


Consider an online shopping system that utilizes multiple payment methods, CreditCard, DebitCard, and DigitalWallet, implemented through the following classes.

The system has a new requirement to handle discounts, which are different for each type of payment method. CreditCard has a 2% discount, DebitCard has a 1% discount, and DigitalWallet has a 3% discount. How can this new feature be incorporated into the system using the core principles of OOP without modifying the existing authorizeTransaction method in PaymentMethod?

Pick ONE option

  1. Add a calculateDiscount method in the PaymentMethod class and override it in each subclass to calculate discount based on the type of payment method.
  2. Add a DiscountCalculator class and create a different method for each payment method to calculate the discount.
  3. Include a discount field in the PaymentMethod class
  4. Include a discount field in each of the payment method subclasses.

3.Password Validation

There are n passwords in the form of a string array of passwords[n]. There is also a dictionary dict_words[m] that contains m weak passwords.

Classify each of the n passwords as "weak" or "strong".

A password is "weak" if any of these conditions are met:

  • The password is in the dictionary.
  • A substring of the password is a word in the dictionary.
  • The password is all numerical, i.e., consisting of characters from '0' to '9'.
  • All characters are uppercase('A' to 'Z') or all of them are lowercase('a' to 'z').
  • The password is shorter than 6 characters.

Implement a prototype password validation service.

Given a list of n strings, passwords, and m strings, common_words, for each of the passwords, report "strong" or "weak" based on the conditions.

Example Suppose n = 5, m = 3, passwords = ["iLikeToCoDe", "teaMAKESmehappy", "abracaDabra", "paSsword", "blackcoffeeIsThebest"], common_words = ["coffee", "coding", "happy"]

teaMAKESmehappyweakContains "happy"
blackcoffeeIsThebestweakContains "coffee"

Function Description Complete the function getPasswordStrength.

getPasswordStrength has the following parameters:

  • string passwords[n]: the list of passwords to check
  • string common_words[m]: the list of dictionary words


  • string[n]: the strengths of the passwords


  • 1 ≤ n ≤ 10^3
  • 1 ≤ m ≤ 10^5
  • 1 ≤ common_words[i] ≤ 20
  • 1 ≤ passwords[i] ≤ 20
  • The passwords consist of lowercase, uppercase, and numeric characters only.

4.Minimum Cache Capacity

Given a list of n items accessed in sequence from a system, and a cache with Least Recently Used (LRU)...

Will be released in 3 days

5.Completing Tasks

The Tiktok platform has n users who want to complete m of their tasks by uploading their new videos. You aregiven an array data of size m, where the ith task of the array data] represents the index of the user that isproficient in that task.

Will be released in 3 days



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