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  1. Probability With Cards 3One out of four statements a child makes is a lie. There are 6 cards numbered 1 through 6. lf the child picks acard, what is the probability that the child truthfully says the card is number 5?Pick ONE option

2.Understand a Venn Diagram
Consider the Venn diagram to answer the question
p-.> Number of students taking Physics
C-> Number of students taking Chemistry
M-> Number of students taking Math = 100
n-> Number of students taking no subjects.

Matrix Operations
Given matrices A and B, which of the following operation(s) are valid?A=

4.Standing Order 1
There are five people - Peter, Tyson, Richard, Steve and Quinn - Standing in a row. Given the followingstatements, who is on the rightmost position?

  1. Peter ls next to Quinn and Steve ls next to Richard.
  2. Steve is not next to Tyson.
    3.Tyson is on leftmost position.
  3. Richard is on the second position from the right.
    5.Peter stands somewhere to the right of both Quinn and Tyson.
    6,Peter and Richard are next to each other.
    Pick ONE option



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