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OA代做记录 – react 算法 高并发

1.Which of the following sorting algorithms are not stable?

  1. Merge Sort
  2. Quick Sort
  3. Insertion Sort
  4. Bubble Sort
  5. Heap Sort

正确答案是2, 5. 快速排序和堆排序不是稳定的排序算法,这意味着它们可能会改变相等元素的相对顺序。

2.Which of the following are true about React?

  1. React is a framework developed by Facebook.
  2. The render method in React is automatically called whenever the state changes.
  3. In React, both state and props are read-only.
  4. React uses a diffing algorithm for efficient updates and re-renders of components.
  5. React requires JSX to function properly.


正确答案是2, 4. React是Facebook开发的库(而不是框架)。当state变化时,React确实会自动调用render方法。同时,React使用diffing算法有效地更新和重新渲染组件。另外,state是可变的,props是只读的。最后,React并不强制要求使用JSX,虽然它常常和JSX一起使用。

3.Which of the following strategies are effective for handling high concurrent requests in backend services?

  1. Load balancing
  2. Caching
  3. Vertical Scaling
  4. Using a non-blocking I/O model
  5. Allowing CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing)

正确答案是A. 1, 2, 4. 负载均衡,缓存和使用非阻塞I/O模型都是处理后端服务中高并发请求的有效策略。而垂直扩展(增加单个服务器的能力)虽然可能有帮助,但它有其局限性,并不能真正解决高并发请求的问题。而CORS(跨源资源共享)是一个安全性的特性,和处理高并发请求无直接关系。


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