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FTA134 Creative Coding Assignment(RESIT)

Module: FTA134 Creative Coding

Assignment: Creative Coding Project (100%)

Creative Coding Project (100%): CLOCK 

Design a "visual clock" that displays a novel or unconventional representation of time.Your clock should appear different at all times of the day, and it should repeat its appearance every 24 hours (or other relevant cycle, if desired). Challenge yourself to convey the time without numerals.

You are encouraged to question basic assumptions about how time is mediated and represented. Consider concepts like biological time (chronobiology) ultradian and infradian rhythms, solar and lunar cycles, celestial time and sidereal time, decimal time.metric time, geological time, historical time, psychological time, and subjective timeInform your design by researching about the history of timekeeping systems and devices and their transformative effects on society.


how you use graphic concepts and technologies for representing time that go beyond conventional methods of visualization and mediation

how you use programming to design: color, shape, form, and motion.

Experiment! - explore any of the tools at your disposal: transparency, color, sound,dynamism,physical actuation, and interaction.

Avoid using Roman, Arabic, or Chinese numerals but make the time readable through other means

Make a clock that operates at a much slower time scale (this is a particularly interesting approach with digital tools) changing over months, seasons, or (non)human lifespan.

The context for your clock. Free yourself from the laptop / screen. if you could place your clock anywhere, where would it be? On a building? in some furniture? On you ls kin?

Your submitted project code should be clear and work immediately upon running. You must make good use of comments throughout your code to clarify your working process.

To support your project you are required to submit documentation of the development of your project, clearly showing how the project has developed over time. This should be collected in an online space such as a blog or online document and should include (but is not limited to):

sketches of early ideas

test sketches

issues encountered

how you navigated around these issues

relevant influences

thoughts about your work


Source Folder that includes:

1 x p5.js sketch (code) saved as: <your name clock>

Marking Criteria

1. Originality and Creativity

2.Technical Accomplishment

3. Design / Composition

4. Comments-in-Code


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